Sunday, December 18, 2011

Barbara Walters tells the Kardashians..You have no talent...Candy Floss

Imagine Kris Jenner's thoughts on that and then Khloe had to admit that no the couldn't sing or dance...all the headlines in American read Khloe Kardashian says we have no talent and The House of Kardashian topples...
Shortland Streets Ido Drent`s wedding is the cover story, he looked amazing.
Posh and Becks are having a Christmas Fantasy... well with their money you could!
Oprah joins Sean Penn in Haiti, Kim Kardashian visited to and Oprah is not impressed. funny how Kim also turn up at a shelter to serve Thanksgiving meals...never seen her do that before either!
Rebecca Gibney`s new body and how she got it!
Orlando Bloom, Miranda Kerr and Flynn continue to make friends in New Zealand.
The Secret lives of the Staff who run Buckingham Palace...not likely!
Jennifer Aniston is voted the Hottest Woman of All Time by a men`s magazine...doubt it!
New Idea announces Kate's pregnancy...well according to a royal photog she is, exclusive interview and all...
Colin Slade proposes and probably gets paid for telling us...
Sinead O`Connor gets married for the 4th time... she met him on the Internet, always a good place for romance!
Dan and Honor hit the honeymoon road...
Posh and Harper are Woman`s Day cover girls and rightly so.
Paul Henry claims to be a big Liar...surprise,surprise.
Anika Moa introduces her twins..they are gorgeous!
Angie admits... she could be pregnant...imagine!
Lindsay Lohan looks hot on the beach but still nowhere near as fresh and gorgeous as she used to be!
Shane and Elizabeth are desperate to start a family... being 46 is no obstacle these days, so watch this space!
Peaches Geldof is engaged again...weeping winnies!!
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez holiday in Mexico...young love and rather sweet these two!
Bex Murray tells why Zara Phillips is her Ultimate Big Sister... just keep Mikey out of the way and things should be cool!
Who Weekly`s Bumper Double Best and Worst of 2011 issue is out as per usual, it is excellent.
Matthew Newton... the walking time bomb explodes again...
Britney turns 30!!
George Clooney charms Sydney.... and raises money for Humanitarian relief.
And Jessica Alba and daughter Honor visit Santa Claus in Beverly Hills!

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