Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 is here...Candy Floss.

Weddings are the big trigger for this weeks cover wars except one is a monthly!
The Australian Women`s Weekly has Daniel and Honor on the cover and prominently featured inside, Daniel Carters family look so nice and down to earth while Honor Dillon's look quite the opposite, stuffy and rigid and her Mothers fascinator does her no favours...over controlled and micro managed when compared with the Ali Williams/Casey Green nuptials, beautifully done and so relaxed, the Women`s Weekly cover shot is just delightful.
The Queen fears for Philip...well he is 90 and the ticker is a bit dodgy.
Is Maria going to give Arnie a second chance... yuck, one hopes not!
Sandra Bullock was dreadfully upset when she found out about Jesse`s cheating...hardly surprising.
Fashions First Ladies...
The truth behind Charles and Camilla's marriage...
Trout pouts are all the rage apparently...
Suri has a wardrobe of designer clothes to die for... they have the money.
New Zealand`s Best and Worst Dressed folk for 2011...
David Beckham`s sister lives a very different life to his...her two partners haven`t helped, one was suspected of dealing drugs from the house David bought her and her current partner has done time behind bars...
Ryan Gosling has come along way from The Mickey Mouse Club
Natalie Wood`s death is causing lots of talk... 30 years on.
What is it like in the mind of a psychopath... are you safe?
New Zealands Most Beautiful Women including Sally and Jamie Ridge and Nicky Robinson(Watson) weeping whinnies...what next for these 3, the X Factor! Master chef anyone?
Mel Gibson splits is fortune with his ex wife... if ever anyone deserved it.
Mathew McConaughey gets engaged!
Sunday Urban goes for a stroll in New York...gorgeous little girl, Tori and Dean and Pink likewise get out and about with their little darlings.
Pippa fears she`ll never find a husband....
Delightful pictures of the Warne/Hurley Clan enjoying themselves at Movie World.
Gayle tells Oprah that she needs Jenny Craig...
Bodyguards and Stylists to the stars are speaking out...riveting stuff!
The Kardashians share their Xmas but no one cares...
Sinead O`Connors husband, an addiction counsellor was not too pleased when she took a while ride to find weed on their wedding night...defies belief!
Chaz Bono and his long term partner have split...Chaz has changed a lot personality wise since he became a he.
Stars and celebs shed half their weight, many go on holiday as well and Russ and Katy go splitsville...majorly!

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