Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Midnight Champagne by A.Manette Ansay.

Manette Ansay became very well know when her book Vinegar Hill was chosen for Oprah Winfrey`s Book Club many years ago, it was a great read.
Set on the shore of Lake Michigan this book is about love and marriage, secrets and lies, life and family.
It is linked by two marriages, one just beginning and one disintegrating into horror. The proximity of one marriage and the denouement of another are linked because they are held at the same time and in the same place, characters go back and forth and intermingle in the most unexpected of ways.
The characters are richly and vibrantly drawn in all their passion, fury, bitterness and pain, they are also very funny and there are alot of laugh out loud moments. The book is divided into 6 interlinked chapters, each covering an aspect of the Wedding of Caleb and April.This is not really the wedding of April`s dreams, in fact its a little trashy but that doesn`t detract at all, it simple brings humour to the story in quite surprising ways. The writing is rather magical and the story fairly hums along, stopping now and again for breath or a secret to be revealed.This is the kind of book that once picked up, you can`t put it down, you simply can`t wait to see what unfolds or who does what and to whom, does love triumph in the end and what on earth would you do in the same situation are questions you will find yourself pondering... doing the right thing can make you feel so good when all is weighed up.
This book is in print and can be ordered from Unity Books in Auckland, its in softcover.

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