Sunday, January 22, 2012

Khloe and Lamar are trying their darndest....Candy Floss

to have a baby that is!
Paul Henry and Annabell White spend some summer time together..great mates these two!
Will and Kate get a dog.
Elton gets stuck into Madonna at the Golden Globes... way to go Elton!!
Heather Locklear is not doing well... rehab maybe?
Johnny and Vanessa are looking fragile...
Sione 2 has its glittering premiere, stars come out to shine!
Peaches Geldof is blossoming... baby boy is due on her late Mum`s birthday, his name will be Astala Dylan Willow.
Jen`s due in April????
Fergie begs... Don't Send Me to Jail!
Kelsey Grammer is having twins.. well his wife is!
Jodie Foster shows of her two delightful looking sons... they have grown up under the radar and you wouldn`t know them if you fell over them... unlike say Willow Smith!!
Katy plans to win Russell back... she actually wants him?
Magazine physic brings Suzanne Paul peace...
Simon Cowell goes on holiday, takes his ex but not his current fiancee...
The Hoff hits Sydney beaches...
Next Magazine is out with Danielle Cormack looking amazing on the cover!
7 day beauty makeover, meet women who choose to be single, 10 rules to ensure you are in wedded bliss, Christchurch one year on and would you marry your husband again?
All the magazines fairly twinkle with Golden Globe pictures, the good, the bad, the horrible, winners, losers you name them they`ve got em!
And in further Kardashian news... Bruce has surgery for skin cancer, Lamar is caught out with strippers, Scott abandons poor Kourtney and Kloe fights claims that O.J. Simpson is her real dad! Heaven forbid!
And could it be true... Heidi and Seal?

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