Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Room in a Broken Heart..The True Adventures of Carly Simon by Stephen Davis

And adventures she certainly has had! The epitome of the adage Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll, this wonderfully talented Singer/Songwriter has lived her life to the full with all its joys and heartbreaks.
Born into a wealthy and successful family with a heaping of dysfunction in the mix, like her siblings musical and artistic talent was a given, the pathway through life should have been smooth and easy but it was not, many helping hands had very mixed motives especially when it came to the stunning Carly and the nurturing versus exploitation of her talent and her sexuality, heatbreak and misfortune have been hers.
A hard worker, a perfectionist, a very troubled and anxious young lady, Carly hit the gate running and  has kept herself very busy and us mightily entertained since the 70`s. Married to the troubled and drug addicted James Taylor, it was a coupling that brought and shared many gifts far and wide but took a tremendous personal toll on each and left both depleted and enriched for the experience though neither may see it that way.It would be hard to think of another musical coupling in modern time that has contributed so much and continues to do so.
Very easy to read, if a little blowsy in the first few chapters, the authors insider status has not harmed the book and many of the stories he shares would be publicly related for the first time here, there is however a tendency to put a few too many unrelated facts in every now and again which does detract from the narrative and there were times where one paragraph about a subject would have sufficed, there were also some issues that were raised and we can only assume they were resolved as we aren`t actually told, the person just pops back up which was slightly disconcerting. However this is is likely to be the best recounting we get of Carly Simon`s life and it more than hits the mark, the photographs and illustrations are excellent and the cover is gorgeous.
This book does much to bring the life and the work of Carly Simon and her contemporaries back into the spotlight, it honours her life and her work, shows her influences and was a thought provoker in someways... Your So Vain but who are you? and a question answerer in others..Carly look, there`s clouds in your coffee.

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