Sunday, January 15, 2012

She`s Not a Kardashian ? Candy Floss...

Wow could it be that Khloe isn`t the real deal?
Johnny and Vanessa go splitsville...
Beyonce`s baby causes all sorts of controversey... a sucky name, a million dollar nursery, heaps of inconvience to other parents, a song...
Nicky Watson err once again tells us of her new life, her new love... and she`s moving to Bondi!
Bump Alert...Jen has a holiday surprise, her boyfriend gets cold feet and they spent the holidays arguing not planning for a wedding!
Bruce Jenner likes to wear dresses... apparently. It wouldn`t really be a problem as there would be enough to go around
Bryan Ferry gets married... he`s 66 and she`s 29 but they don`t notice the age difference...what on earth would they talk about?
Drew Barrymore is engaged.
Elton John`s little boy is sooo cute!
Tom Cruise is on a mission to keep looking young and Katie is dripping in diamonds!
Charlie Sheens back and he aint crazy no more!
Shorty Streets Amelia gets married as does All Black Colin Slade.
Pippa shares her easy butt workout while Camilla wants a facelife and which Royals have been under the knife?
Christina Aguilera loves her new body and hopes everyone else will too!
Sinead O`Connor is back in Ireland and not particularly well at all...
Madonna takes the family up and down the Swiss trails...
The gorgeous Danish Royal tots celebrate their birthday.. so sweet.
Murder at the Palace but none of the Royals are involved!
Hollywood Casts reunite to celebrate some memorable movies... Fatal Attraction anyone?
Nick Cannon is out of hospital while Heather Lockler is in one... different issues.
Looking 30 Willow Smith and a group of pals went shopping on Rodeo Drive, parents should be shot!
Snooki and Justin Bieber get new tatoos... after watching Justin on Ellen last week I have changed my mind, he is a rather kind and decent young man.
North and South Magazine is out... science is question weather Dads can cause premature births and pass on health risks.
The Success of Dilworth School, a truly heartwarming story.
Yukky leaky homes and the poor people who have one.
Is New Zealand really facing a brighter future or are we a little bit deluded?
We have a look at the gorgeous Rotoroa Island

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