Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vanity Fair Magazine February 2012

Well what a cover this has...George Clooney, Matt Damon and Daniel Craig rock it this month!
Photographed by Annie Leibovitz, they answer life`s Big Questions in the Proust Smackdown!A wonderful tribute to Christopher Hitchens by Salman Rushdie, plus Hitchens last column for Vanity Fair.
We revisit the Ladies who used to lunch..
What is the story with Mitt Romney... is he what he wants you to believe he is or is their a darker side to this smiling Mormon?
Rebekah Brooks is untangled and whats her real role in the Murdoch Mess?
Josh Wood shares His Stuff...
Night Table Reading...
Paris`s hottest die for!
Lucian Freud...he had full and colourful life if somewhat private, we discover that those who sat for him met a gentlemen whose work just kept getting better as he aged.
Ralph Fiennes does the Proust Questionnaire...
Flashback to June 1990`s Issue and 28 year old Barack Obama is spolighted...has time flown!
Ashley Greene heads this months Vanities...looking good.
Report from Zuccotti oral history of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.
Some great reads in Hot Type...
And the always very funny V.F. Mailbag... you will laugh, cry and weep, hopefully all at once!

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