Saturday, February 18, 2012

The End of Normal by Stephanie Madoff Mack

The End of Normal is a beautifully written story of love found and love lost. It is not always an easy read but it is informative and very,very real.
When Financer  Bernie Madoff and his Ponzi scheme came undone in December 2008, it took more than just Bernie and his wife Ruth with it, it took his family and thousands of investors, big and small who found the lives they had been living coming to an abrupt and horrible halt. None more so than Madoff`s son Mark who found the stigma and the finger pointing to much to bare, taking his life in December 2010, leaving Stephanie and 4 children behind.
Stephanie tells with such love and learned wisdom the story of all her Princess Dreams coming true, the barriers and obstacles, the path she had to forge to enable hers and Mark`s relationship to flow, she is never less than thankful for all the good times and good things that come her way...her wariness of her in laws and her husbands ex along with her husbands brother and his partner bearing fruit, the cold impenetrability of Bernie and Ruth Madoff, the pure and utter blinkered vision and the disinclination to do what might be conceived as the right thing towards those most wronged by their actions or lack of.
There is plenty of anger and righteous indignation in this book, all directed at those who most deserve it. Equally there is guts, courage, dignity and a graciousness that will well serve her children as they grow, there are rivers of tears in this book but it is not riven with sadness, it is a book in which a young woman finds herself in the worst possible situation but chooses not to let it take her down to the bottom instead she sets out to heal and to take herself and her children on a path that will allow their lives to be almost whole again while always noting that their is a much loved, missing piece.
A very good read, it also points quite clearly to the important part others play in helping us to heal and move along, Stephanie has wonderful friends none more so than RoseMarie Terenzio whose book Fairy Tale Interrupted was recentlyy published and reviewed on this blog. Both these ladies have huge hearts and a tale to tell.

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