Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Jodi Kantor

This book is ultimately the story of a couple who although from very different backgrounds have a very central meeting point in their desire to affect change and to succeed at the game of life, which they have done spectacularly, after all they are the occupants of the White House and the husband is The President of The United States.
Good, bad and indifferent, there is little left out of Kantors telling of the Obama`s story and it flows along a bit like a long river, twists and turns, ups and downs. Two very different personalities that seem to balance each other out, where he can be bullish and gruff, she is graciousness personified, no standing on prerogatives here and hey if she wants to put her arm around the Queen, she darn well will.
The fight to get Barack Obama into the White House was not easy and Michelle Obama was pivotal in getting the job done, a weak, ineffectual wife and he`d be back in Chicago pronto. We see the strength, the backbone, the iron will and the refusal to be treated as second rate. When it comes to business Barack is the front person and she is the train pushing him along. We are privy to the struggles to balance work/family, the feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated at being a virtual solo mother. We see the tiredness, the rigours of a campaign and then you win and it all starts to replay and frankly you if your the wife have to sort it out or take to your bed as Jackie Onassis did when she didn`t want to know.
One can only imagine the myriad of issues that are not of a cabinet type that Michelle would need to deal with, let alone the needs of her two daughters, fighting employees, new home to run and wait up State Dinners as well! This book details all this in an easy to read style that gives a fresh and new look into the Obama White House as we head up to Election time. There is some interesting ponderables  especially Michelle wondering weather to keep Malia and Sasha in School until the end of term and then transfer and Barack wanting his whole family together, he won that and they will all be glad he did, this is the most normal life under one roof this family is likely to get.
Available from all Bookshops at $37 in soft cover, its a great read.

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