Saturday, March 17, 2012

Exposure by Therese Fowler

This gripping read is dazzling in its ability to take a situation, grapple with the intricacies and still make it a page turner.
Essentially the story of Wilkes and Winter families and the very real but secret love shared between their children Amelia and Anthony, it is a modern day story that shows so clearly the impact that Modern Social Media has on the lives of all of us but especially the youth of today and how extremely dangerous the smallest push of a button can be. A book riven by behaviour, it takes you into choices and consequences, one ill advised action, one set of angry words in the wrong ears and life can combust in a second.
The author also shows us that Wealth and Influence can be used so cavalierly when reputation is at stake, equally she does a wonderful job of showing us how it can backfire. A wily and cunning prosecutor with his own agenda can make more trouble than is believable.
I really liked her characters, they were real to their experiences and their behaviour exemplified this, therefore they resonated especially Harlan Wilkes and Kim Winter whose backstories were defty painted into the story and heavily influenced it. Amelia and Anthony were a delight, so true to themselves and their love, I found myself walking every step of their journey with them, it takes an author well able to write, to Lead her book with such clearly defined yet work in progress characters such as Amelia and Anthony and their friends, I was struck by their Nobility, their decency, their chance taking and ultimately the importance of doing the right thing that ripped the book open in an amazing twist.
An exceptionally good book that shows us that even in such times where Social Media and the Internet are so powerful, old fashioned values can stand and people can change.
Available from the Auckland Library Service or via Special Order from your local Indie.

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