Saturday, March 17, 2012

Helen...The Helen Meads Tragedy,A Father`s Story by David White

When Greg and Pam White`s daughter Helen was murdered by her husband Greg White in 2009, their lives changed completely and in retirement they found themselves back parenting fulltime, Helen and Meads had a 9 year old daughter, who only had her White Grandparents to love, care and nurture her along with her elder sister Kimberley. The grief they felt had to be tucked away, so that Helen`s 3 children could be supported to grieve themselves and the the White`s came up against the steamroller that is our court system.
A Court System that doesn`t put victims first.
A well written book, that is easy to read it tells the story of Helen`s life( a little more detail wouldn`t have gone astray) and her somewhat  ill advised early relationships and then the meeting and relationship that carried Helen into Racing Royalty with the accompanying lifestyle,all owned and controlled by Meads, who was heartily disliked in the community while his wife was dearly loved by all. The disquiet felt by those who were closely entangeled with Meads especially after  Helen sustained a serious beating by a somewhat paranoid Meads refused to go away and entreaties from Family to leave failed to work. Helen had her reasons for staying and No body should be beating themselves up over the fact that they were unable to save her.
The book does a marvellous job in showing quite clearly how even innocent young children are re victimised by a system that simply doesn`t play fair, especially  when it comes to providing for them after a tragedy such as this case the very,very wealthy Meads Family including The Matriarch have refused to maintain/or support Samantha, it has all devolved onto the Whites at tremendous cost I hasten to add. The White Family with one exception and including This Matriarch should be utterly ashamed of themselves.
White goes into the custody battle they had to wage to provide security for Samantha, he paints a grim picture of our bail laws, violence against Women in this country and the price that is extracted when Grandys have to step up to the ball park, it is not so easy to parent at 65 as it is at 35.
If David White`s book achieves anything, it will be to educate young women against the dangers of abusive relationships and should they find themselves in one to get out quick and in the case of young girls, parents with suspicions need to act and get their daughters out and away. Easy to say I know, not so easy to do.
Even without words, David Whites photos show what a lovely lady his daughter Helen was, fun, love and mischief beam from her face, those who called her friend were lucky indeed.

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