Saturday, March 10, 2012

Vanity Fair Magazine April 2012

With a very lovely looking Julia Roberts on the cover, age has not diminished her beauty!
An Oral history of the Sopranos... accompanied by the most divine photos.
Is it possible that a T.V. program could shape Modern Politics...West Wing anyone?
Marketing a yoga guru`s this really the way to go.. will integrity be compromised?
Is the Washington Post on a downhill trajectory that is irreversible, will the digital age take down one of the most venerable of all Newspapers?
Jesus Christ Superstar opens on Broadway this April and is much anticipated...
The daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco is spotlighted... she obviously has great beauty but what about substance?, does she actually need any?
Vladamir Putin and his greatest enemy? what lies behind...
Rachel Maddow does The Proust Questionnaire...
A visit to Sunnylands, the magnificent seat of the late Walter Annenberg, gorgeous in the extreme!
Homage to Helmut Newton in Paris.
Whats on the Celebs Night Table Reading pile..
Punch Hutton shares some gorgeous Points of Interest.
Beauty Skin Gods and their favourite Skin Picks!
The Rich and famous come out to play and we see how the characters that populate our T.V. screens have changed their backstories as times change and new influences hit the mark!

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