Sunday, March 11, 2012

Prince Harry hits the Caribbean Candy Floss

Yes indeed the Prince has been out and about representing his Granny!
Demi`s out of rehab and trying to work it all out.
Cliff Curtis shows us his L.A. family, cute little son.
Yikes has Carla Bruni had some plastic surgery or what?
A very pregnant Jessica Simpson poses on the cover of Elle Magazine in her Birthday Suit and channels Demi!
Bernadine Oliver-Kerby and Jerome Kaino team up for the Child Cancer Foundation..very well done you two!
Shirley McLaine whizzes into Downton Abbey and feels right at home.. she would have been there in a previous life so not that hard a transition.
Was the late John Lennon a victim of Bulimia...a new book says yes.
Did famous New Zealand Aviation icon Jean Batten have a daughter?
Gwen Steffani horses around at Knotts Berry Farm with Kingston and Zuma...
Oprah holds out a life line to Bobbi Kristina Brown...while rumour has it that Whitney Houston and Jermaine Jackson had a secret affair, they were both young and he was married to Hazel Gordy at the time!
Kim Kardashian is hoping to secretly adopt? God help the child should she!
Judy Bailey introduces her new Granddaughter Mila.
Gordon Ramsey pounds the streets of Auckland...
Rachel Hunter shows of her curves in Malibu, along with daughter Renee.
Polly takes us to Hollywood and obviously has fun... I have to say this woman is the best columnist in the business, her advice is always straight up, forthright and on the money, no pussing around here.
Have Linds and Heidi been at the Surgeries again? yikes girls stop while there is still something left.
Guy Sebastian has a baby boy, his name is Hudson.
Snookis pregnant but is Reece joining her in the Baby Club?
North and South Magazine is out... its cover story is the tragic murder of Helen Meads by her husband Greg, her father David White has written a book that will be out in mid March, this is a very unpleasant story well told.
Is Prostate Cancer Screening necessary?
Wendyl Nissen talks about the recent Breast Feeding Controversy and the week from hell she got for taking a stand..unbelievable in this day and age that free choice is only yours as long as it suits those with strong opinions..Wendyl, you go girl!
Record Store Etiquette...
Anika Moa takes her music inside.. literally.
The Importance of Bone Health.
Next Magazine has Angela Bloomfield on the cover, she grew up before our eyes nightly and hasn`t jumped yet!
A guide for single parents who want to date..
Secrets to, living the dream, raising the bar, unlocking your true potential..a magazine full of glamour and gloss that actually has something for everyone.

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