Sunday, April 1, 2012

Food Festival Candy Floss...

What a gorgeous day we got for our Annual Food Festival and how great was it!
Jen tried to hide a boy...her stepbrother who leads a life a wee bit wilder than Jen`s!
Cameron Diaz gets up close with Gwyneth Paltrow`s husband at the Playboy Mansion, surely not!
Antonio has a wild night... without Melanie.
Uma relaxes as her tummy expands...
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene wrap up tight in Norway.
Suri has a meltdown....
Harry and Chelsey together again..maybe.
Jennie Garth`s hell after her husband walked out...rumour has it, he was often hooked up with women who weren`t his wife!
Adele goes from the Glamour of the Grammys to the Drudge of Supermarket shopping...hello we do it weekly, the groceries not the grammys!!!
Khloe Kardashian hits back at rumours she and Lamar are splitting..
Rob Kardashian got himself arrested in Florida....
Rhianna and Ashton?
Lindsay Lohan gets a role on Glee.. well done!
Chris Klein follows a new path...
An over zealous fan breaks into Simon Cowell`s home..
Chris Cairn shares how the love of his 3rd wife helped him to survive the year from hell...
Are Liz and Shane having IVF?
Judi Dench on the cover of the Australian Women`s Weekly.. looking fantastic!
Easter treats galore..
Demi`s sad demise...
Time to throw away the scales...yes indeed!
Is Doctor Google dangerous? He is if you hit the wrong site.
Petra has learned her lessons..
Steven Tyler is 64?
Kate Winslet through the years... as Titanic 3D is released.
And every good wish to the beautiful, brave and courageous Helena McAlpine.

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