Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heft by Liz Moore

This was a book that I loved. Well written with characters to make your heart melt, this novel centres on the lives of Arthur Opp an obese ex - Academic who hasn`t left his home in 20 odd years and Kel Keller. Life however has a way of rebounding on you through those you knew in a prior life and this is what happens in this story.. in the form of Charlene Keller an ex-student of Arthur`s whose life is riven with conflict and sadness and who maintains a connection with Arthur which leads to the dominoes that have propped up and enabled Arthur`s solitary existence to topple.
The characters in this book are beautifully drawn and resonate with all their life experiences and issues, with their understanding or lack of, with their compassion and with preternatural wisdom in the case of  Kell, Yolanda and Lindsay. Arthur is a delight and has a very big heart, even if it makes him rather uncomfortable at times and in many ways it is this discomfort that makes you understand him, each of the characters has shared experiences, and it is the entwining of these shared experiences that links them so richly to each other and enables the possibility of resolution to be brought into their lives.
Never dull, it was for me a page turner with plenty of humour, it especially brought out to me how the diversity of life experiences can build bridges.
Available from the Library system and soon available here in Trade Paperback.

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