Saturday, April 21, 2012

Friendship Bread by Darien Gee

This is the type of novel I would call a cosy, light, easy to read but with serious themes running through it.
Set in the little town of Avalon, Illinois the story starts with the gift of a starter pack for Amish Friendship Bread and takes of from there into a delightful tale of a group of people who are all grappling with life issues and struggling to find away through. The characters are delightful and well drawn and as they respond to the opportunies that pop up around them, slowly but surely their lives begin to change and so do the characters themselves, to the point that as a Community they are able to reach out to another Community experiencing difficulties and help in a way previously unimaginable.
This is apparently just the 1st in a serious to be set in Avalon and I will be reading the next book for sure.
This book was a very satisfying read and I would highly recommend it as a Mother`s Day gift.
Available in paperback.

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