Sunday, April 22, 2012

One Direction Candy Floss...

And that is all we have had from Thursday evening onwards...they`ve been here, there and everywhere, quite refreshing that they have not been too wussy to show their faces and shake hands!
Pippa`s in the firing line with Kate and the can`t have your photo taken with a gun these days girlfriend!
7 years, 6 children...Brad and Angelina have packed it all in and now are planning the wedding to beat all weddings!
Shorty start Peter M heads for the bright lights of L.A.
Everyone except the Kardashians were at the Coachella Music Festival and having a great time by the looks of things!
Sulky Suri turns 6.
A sumptious and glam Garden Party...Colin knows how to throw one!
Ashton zips all around town... dating this one and that one, while Demi picks up the pieces and asks her Twitter friends to help her find a new name.
Hillary Clinton is quite the party girl in Colombia! Way too go girl!
Anna Paquin is coming home, once she has had her baby apparently.
Danni Minogue and Simon Cowell...who would have guessed that one!
Star`s makeup mishaps....
Courtney Love and her daughter Frances Cobain are not on friendly terms...
Danielle Spencer(Russell Crowe`s wife) steps out on the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars.
Ricki Lake`s surprise wedding...looked gorgeous!
Mr Big gets married.
Marc Anthony files for divorce and leaves J.Lo in his dating wake!
Scout and Rumer Willis need style help, they may have money but they look ghastly!
Jude Law takes his kids out for the night.
Masterchef`s Matt and Andrea talk about their love....
Warnie`s ex is upset with Elizabeth....
Are Kloe and Lammy having a baby or getting a divorce?

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