Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Your Majesty Candy Floss...

A gorgeous cover on this weeks Woman`s Day and a magnificent spread inside featuring their combined
 family...don`t know how they keep all those white clothes so clean!
Mother`s Day Bumper Special...treats galore.
Miriama and Renee Friends for Life
Masterchef Mums..Recipes for Love...
Brad and Ange`s holiday secret..
Jen says No Ring, No Baby!
Peaches Geldof has a baby boy..
Kim and Kanye show their love while out and about and Kourtney and Scott have a bust-up..on no!
Katy Perry and her new beau sparkle!
Mariah and Nick renew their vows in Paris but out and about in NY earlier in the week they looked darn well stressed...parenting is hard work when you have nannies, cooks, chauffer`s etc guys!
Beyonce talks about her life as a Mum and looks mighty chilled.
Ashton and Mila have a getaway break??
Does Harry from One Direction have a secret love? the tweenies will be distraught!
J.Lo and Marcs divorce may get a little down and dirty...
Jackie Onassis ex body guard writes a book and shares their special friendship....
Vanessa Williams opens up about her painful past... was always painted as having an ideal childhood/teen years back in the day so this is a bit of a surprise.
Dan and Honor`s special night...
The baby I thought I`d never have...The Food Truck Guy shares...
Jeanette Thomas graces the Australian Women`s Weekly cover and looks gorgeous!
One  man with 4 wee...tricky at best!
The Kerr family share what the genes have brought this model family!
Metro`s Best Restaurants Issue hits the stands and what an amazing cover!
Auckland`s armed robbers...
Ponsonby  Road Eateries are facing hard times...
What happened in Takapuna one night when an ordinary family went out to celebrate?
Women are going on sex tours???
Emily Perkins talks about her new book and as always this magazine that gets better by the month, hits all the right mark with its Food/Arts/Books/Politics and Society pictures and news.
And of course this week it was Queen Elizabeth`s 86th birthday.. she apparently enjoyed it with gusto. Long may she and not her son reign over us!

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