Sunday, April 29, 2012

A land more kind than home by Wiley Cash

This novel came with a lot of great recommendations from a number of sources and it lived up to every expectation I had plus.
Set in North Carolina and narrated by three separate and distinct voices it takes the reader into the Evangelical Church and the literal healing services that are a mark of these types of churches. It is lead by an evil sharman who will literally set your heart racing with his devious smiles and sly grin and his determination to deceive and have his own way at all costs and in this story the costs are catastrophic.
The characters are finely and expansively drawn and the agendas that they reveal as the tale progresses are quite stunning, the secrets of the characters slowly unravel and add to the depth of the tale. There is heartbreak and secrets, lies and deception, twists and turns, rolls and punches, love and healing all woven in a taunt, gripping pace that zooms along and yet the pace does not detract in anyway from the share pleasure that reading this book brings although conversely it isn`t really a very pretty tale, it is in its grittiness a story that will have you thinking and give you pause to ponder about what society will let a charismatic type of preacher get    away with, it also illuminates the fact that amongst situations that abound in muck and mire there is always someone who will try their hardest to do the right thing, to protect the vulnerable even if the cost to themselves could be fatal.
Ultimately this author through his use of powerful and descriptive language and his ability to pepper this book with characters and tales you will love and hate delivers a book that will long live in your mind after the last page has been turned.
Available in Trade paperback at all good bookshops.

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