Friday, April 13, 2012

O.J. is Innocent and I Can Prove It by William C. Dear

Nearly 18 years on and I`m still reading books on the O.J. Simpson saga, in fact I knew the Kardashians when the were children via the many books I`d read!
A gripping, fast paced and obviously well researched book that Dear has been working on for a very long time, it is clear that William Dear has come to his conclusions as regards the Killer of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson on the night of June 12th 1994 and he will not be shaken or deterred from sharing them and one has to admire his persistence and desire to see justice done for the Brown/Goldman families even though I can see no evidence whatsoever that either family has ever been contacted by Dear or co-operated with him at all.
The book does confirm the fact that the original investigation by the LAPD was sloppy at best and a disaster at worst and it stands as fact that no one has been convicted of these murders and very little interest other than cursory was shown by anyone associated with the LAPD re Dear`s findings. Of course no one would expect the LAPD to go of on a wild goose chase but I don`t think Dear`s conclusions would lead to this, he lays his facts out, backs them up with documentation and experts in the various fields and while people could and probably will say leave it alone, there is really no excuse for the LAPD not to do a thorough examination and see( if they still have the evidence) if a case could be brought against Dear`s Suspect No 1. As wacky as it sounds if we are prepared to look into convictions and free people x number of years later, the reverse should equally be true. Dear is a man with an acknowledged background as an investigator and as an author, and if he can convince me as an avowed O.J. Simpson as Murderer believer then he should be supported by the authorities and his theories put to the test, this of course would cost millions and perhaps not serve everyone`s interests but truth might just might be outed.
The book raises a number of very interesting questions and answers some as well. My gripes with it were that it did have a tendency to repeat some assertions and names endlessly( petty I know but annoying) and it had very little input from those actively involved with the case, one can understand why but still I would have liked to hear from the Brown/Goldman families in regard to Mr Dear`s work,weather they agree with him or not.Of course Mr Simpson is in jail for an unrelated crime so we won`t be hearing from him!
All in all, a very good read.

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