Sunday, April 15, 2012

Titanic Candy Floss.....

Near, Far, Where ever you are...100 years have passed since the world`s most famous ship sinking. I have been asked twice while reading to children when there has been a mention of the Titanic,if I was on it when it went down...sorry ROPS guys but the answer is NO!
Kate and William celebrate their 1st Anniversary!
The Real Reason Jacko Gill quit the Olympics....
Rhys Darby has a secret heartache...heavens knows what it is!
Bobbi Kristina is doing a reality show?
Rihanna is pining for Ashton Kutcher.. are they kidding?
Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem tell why they click..
Are Kanye and Kim really on??? Well he has a K name....
One Direction are a big hit in Australia, lets hope the girls on this side of the Ditch show more restraint this week!!!
J.Lo gives Casper a birthday present he couldn`t afford himself... a customised Dodge Ram Utility! Way too go Jen!!
Beyonce and J.Z. share their holiday with us...snaps that is!
What really caused Danni and Kris to split?
Jay and Anna get engaged and so do Brad and Angelina!!
A supposed cousin of Jennifer Aniston`s has blurted that he is helping to arrange her Big Fat Greek Weeding in Crete, guess he won`t be now!
Paul Henry takes a Romantic Cruise...
Julia Roberts and Naomi Watts enjoy the sea with their children, while Pink`s cute little girl Willow goes for a whizz with Mum and Dad.
A week later and Beatrice and Eugenie are out in their first official capacity with Granny, while cousin Louise comes a cropper on her horse and breaks her arm.
North and South is out and asks are young people becoming accidentally addicted to pain killers like Oxy Contin(Hillybilly Heroin) and should we be aware that this dangerous drug is to put it mildly, addictive. We know that Michael Jackson and Courtney Love had big problems with this drug and yet its being prescribed here, if its caused a death is it wise to give it out?
Animal Testing... is it right or is it wrong?
A terribly sad bike accident raises the question of why is there so much Death By Bicycle in New Zealand? and what can we do about it?
La Leche League answers its critics....
A very poignant essay.
As always great columns, beautiful layout, divine recipes and great book reviews!

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