Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Woman who wasn`t there by Robin Gaby Fisher and Angelo J. Guglielmo,JR.

The Story of a woman who did the unimaginable, planted herself fair and square amongst the victims of 9/11 and became the flag bearer for many survivors all the while harbouring the dreadful secret that she was not actually there at all.
Tania Head`s story is rather the mind blower if nothing else but for her audacity and self belief. Claiming that she was working in the South Tower on that day and had crawled to safety while her fiance was dying in the North Tower, she was upheld as both a victim and a hero.
Tania took on the burden of a survivor with a strength and resilience that defied belief, she spoke out, she stood up, she advocated, she was a voice for those who couldn`t speak, she lead tours and appeared when needed, she formed a charity using her own resources... there seemed to be nothing she would not/could not do for those who had lived through the dreadful events of September 11 2001 but there were clinks in the chain, a strangeness, a disconnect that was inappropriate, questions that didn`t seem to have answers, strange outbursts, disapperances and unexplained gaps.
Like dominoes falling those closest to Tania started to wonder and then they wondered a bit more...about the story she told of the day, about her fiance and his family, about her job, her education, her repeat cancelling of interviews.. until the sad truth about Tania was outed.
This book reads like a thriller and yet its all real, it flows and it lures you in and then it starts to twist and turn and eventually you end up not able to put it down, you are left feeling quite in wonderment that the desperation to have a connection, to be apart of something could lead a person to deceive on such a scale, with such cold precision. The authors have done a great job.

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