Saturday, July 21, 2012

All The Commissioner`s Men by Chris Birt

This is the second book of Chris Birt`s I have read on this enduring case, the first, The Final Chapter was excellent and in my opinion blew the case wide open, this book is no less.
Detailed and researched it leads you through the journey from the murder to the repeat convictions of a man who was later pardoned and forwards down the years as each injustice unfolds in a manner that is easy to read and easy to understand because without being understood the continual refusal by the Police to acknowledge the width and depth of their wrong doing is easy to wash over. It is not possible to read this book and not come away realising that the toll of victims in this case is huge, the totally innocent including the dead couples daughter are all victims of an inept and sanctimonious justice system that simply refuses to acknowledge its wrong doing and put the wrongs right and when one thinks that this has been going on since June 1970, one tends to go wow!
This case was subject to a very well conducted Royal Commission but that did not prevent those who could have been held to account being held to account, oh no, its fine to lie and purjure with ease; your safe from justice here. At least one person who was deemed by the Commission to have planted evidence is alive, well and as happy as Larry and he still has his Certificate of Merit awarded for his work on this case, still alive is a person who it is believed may be more than aufait with what went on after Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were murdered and who may be able to shed light on who feed and cared for Rochelle Crewe, has this person been brought to account, not likely.
A book that is driven by the characters that populate it especially those in the Judiciary, I felt that Birt`s writing talent enabled these people to come alive before your eyes, there was a depth to these characters that other books haven`t had, a portrayal of their motives, an exploration of their warped reasoning and a damning inditement on the brazen way that the price of justice was not paid by them but by the innocent including Vivien Harrison, Arthur Allan Thomas ex wife who died without receiving justice. Rochelle Crewe herself has asked for certain things to occur so that she and her family may achieve resolution... the answer No.
This is a book well worth picking up and reading, sadly you will find that some things that occurred in this narrative could easily occur today.
I thank Chris Birt for supplying me with a copy of his book. It is available in book shops and through contacting the author at Stentorian Publishing Ltd, P.O. Box 1491, Taupo 3351, New Zealand or email

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Deb said...

I agree with Marion. Chris is an investigative journalist of the kind sadly lacking in today's world where there is so often something else going on beneath the news headlines. In this case it has taken a few in the police system to upset the lives of so many, not least the people who will no longer have faith in the one system we need to depend on in a crisis. For those of you who have not read Chris's latest book I recommend it. Maybe we can help make a difference.