Sunday, July 15, 2012

Good Heavens.... Candy Floss

It`s not Thelma and Louise but it`s a start!
North and South Magazine hits the stands today and its cover is the then newly married Ewen and Anna MacDonald, the cover story is The Death of The Dream, there is a special section devoted to the story including an interview with MacDonald`s parents and lots of family photos... this is nothing if not a Shakespearean Tragedy.
Also in this issue the persecution of George Gwaze.
Irene Van Dyke at 40!
Willis and Harry summer holidays, lots of bouncy fun!
Brad Pitt`s brother hits the Celebrity Circuit... can`t beat em, join em!
Why Tom rolled over like a dog and let Katie have it all her way....
Harper Beckham turns 1!
Kourtney Kardashian and Sienna Miller give birth to daughters, Kourtney`s is called Penelope(?) and Sienna`s is Marlow.. Claire Danes is expecting along with Lily Cole and Camilia McConaughey (No 3)
Demi Moore and her daughters are going through a tricky time, apparently the girls have tired of all the drama that surrounds Mama, easy to understand!
While all that carry on carries on, Ashton and Mila appear to be getting closer than ever.....
Alec Baldwin`s wedding gets a great spinout in Who Weekly, very cute and glossy to the tip.
Stars plastic surgery mishaps... yikes Carla!
Lynda Topp is getting married...
Rachel wants to quit the Block....
Shane and Liz have bought themselves a gorgeous little mansion... room for all including stables for the horse!
Keith and Nicole hit the beach with Sunday and Faith... loaded down with toys, chairs and towels plus umbrella and mags..just like wee Kiwis and Aussies do it! Keith looks rather good in those swimmers!
Sarah Ferguson lurches from crisis to crisis.. her girls are worried but whats new about this story?
Princess Mary of Denmark and Pippa Middleton go out in the same dress... woops!
Taylor Swift on the beach with a bunch of Kennedy`s, that`s how she spent July 4th!
Meet the author of '50 shades of grey', the money is pouring in as the books fly of the shelves and the big mansion is about to be snapped up... all it takes is a vivid imagination and a good idea!
And Jules Oliver admits that she spies on her husband when he`s away... with 4 children I don`t know how she has time to spy on anyone...

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