Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fly Away Home by Jennifer Weiner

This is my second Jennifer Weiner book and it won`t be my last.
Slightly less humorous than Best Friends Forever, like its predecessor it tackles serious life issues with a warmth and a reality that allow the reader to share the characters experiences via the pages. It isn`t hard for the reader to recognise these well drawn characters and neither is it hard for the characters journey to resonate with the reader.
The axis of this story is Slyvie Woodruff, her husband Richard a high flying Senator, their two daughter Diana and Lizzie, whose lives couldn`t look better until revelations that Richard has had an affair with an intern hit the press and all hell breaks loose. It turns out that both Diana and Lizzie are at crossroads in their lives and a humiliated Sylvie realises what her life has become and what it might have been.
Withdrawing to her families Beach House in Connecticut and with the arrival of Diana and Lizzie the reality of three lives in tatters means that new bonds need to be built and the distance and remoteness that once kept them apart must end, to rebuild they need the strength that can only come from a strong Mother/Daughter relationship and its the journey to this healing that we share.
A well written, easy to read book that moves along at a nice pace, it is the characters that cause you to invest in the story, they are well rounded and so easy to empathise with, there are parts of this book that will cause you to sniffle but sniffle away, it`s a great read.

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