Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tearful Candy Floss....

"This is how we celebrate 21 happy years "
Bruce Springsteen`s wife had a major meltdown in Milan this week, as they exited a boutique... eventually we will hear what caused it.
The Royals are at War... well apparently The Yorks feel that they are not getting a fair go and are being pushed a side in favour of others.....
Graham Henry`s son designs shoes and they are cool, who would have thought that.
Coro girls go wild on holiday...
Britney Spears is spending a few dollars in beauty prep for her wedding...$190,000 apparently!
Karl Lagerfeld doesn`t like Pippa Middleton`s face, according to him, she should only show her back!
The Eastwood`s hit the reality circuit... makes Clint`s day!
Auntie Janet is not popular with Paris, Prince Michael and Blankie... anything but it appears!
Posh and Becks and Baby No 5... well maybe....
Suri goes to the Zoo and not in a private jet.
Harry, William and Kate get out and about at the Olympics along with Bea and Genie, Zara wins sliver and the DOE is thrilled that is wife is indeed a Bond Girl!
Julia Roberts hits Hawaii for a family vacation and eyes up a move....
Sally Ridge and her new man...
Casper and J.Lo hit a rough patch... well sex clubs are not for those who are apparently committed are they?
Kristen begs Rob to take her back... very weird story, this one.
The enduring mystery of Marilyn Monroe`s death... its been 50 years and still the fascination with this Lady does not dim and neither should it, she was rather talented to say the least.
Beyonce and Jay Z have rented a little place in the Hamptons for $380,000 a month, its their down home holiday retreat and divine to say the very least!
Courtney Cox and daughter Coco get caught in a sudden downpour, soaked but happy!
Sonny Bill Williams has put a ring on it?
Macaulay Culkin is looking ghastlier by the day, he really needs some help.
Justin and Jen try a trial separation.....
Katy Perry and John Mayer out on a date... have a real good think Katy.
Rod and Rachel`s daughter Renee models the latest Spring Looks for those of us who live downunder... she looks gorgeous and very fresh!
Many congratulations to all our Olympians who have won medals this week, especially Mahe Drysdale who lifted himself from the horror that was Bejing, to bring home the Gold!
Maeve Binchey and Gore Vidal, writers who touched so many, both passed away this week. RIP

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