Monday, October 22, 2012

Presumed Guilty Casey Anthony; The Inside Story by Jose Baez

Baez who was Anthony`s Defence Lawyer and Chief Protector tends in this well written book to engender two lines of desire in this reader...First being what a kind, hard done by guy Jose is and Second God I could wring his pity partying neck and there it stands for me.
While Baez does undoubtedly know what happened to Caylee and recounts it for us in this book and although he had an undoubted hard time getting the truth from anyone associated with this family, his whining and pitting directed at the hardships faced by himself, most self inflicted detracts totally from the story he is telling, frankly sucking it up and not repeating mistakes might be a good place to start Jose.
One cannot knock his dedication to his client and his desire to see her receive justice and neither can one knock his commitment to what he sees as his duty, however one does wonder why when knowing what he appears to know justice for Caylee  hasn`t been served.
While there was huge outrage at the Juries verdict in Casey`s trial, Baez is right, they simply didn`t have the evidence to convict but there is certainly evidence offered in this book, that should have seen at least one if not two people facing charges in this matter and I am quite baffled that there doesn`t seem to be any energy directed toward this happening, its like its done.
Just as Jeff Aston shared his story Baez is fully entitled to write his version of this case and trial that riveted not only America but much farther a field as well, however in doing so he has left more questions unanswered than answered and for this reader I came away thinking why doesn`t this whining man actually try to ensure that Caylee receives justice, he can`t save Casey... rightly or wrongly she is Public Enemy No 1.
As far as true crime books go, this is well written and easily read and if the case interests you, it is worth reading simply so you can shake your head a little bit more in shear wonderment that characters such as these exist.

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