Monday, October 22, 2012

Rod The Autobiography by Rod Stewart

A wonderful, engaging read that hooks you from the first page, Rod Stewart`s recounting of his life could only be called a marvellous ride by any means.
From simple and very humble beginnings in a family that really knew the meaning of the word, this indulged late comer made the most of every opportunity that came his way and rose to the top of the entertainment world with a very balanced if somewhat mischievous outlook on the whole experience.
Its all here: the wine, the women, the musicians, the drugs, the enormous love of soccer, the art collecting, the train loving, the clothes, in reality the good, bad and indifferent served up with a giant dollop of humour and a tendency by the author to see things from a multitude of viewpoints but with his always just slightly winning out.
A face that has seen a lot of fun!
The stories he recounts from the early days right through to next week, will resonate with anyone who has followed Stewart`s career and how very refreshing indeed to see little if any attempt at whitewashing, Stewart employs the rule of honesty after all no matter his toe rag ways he was raised to be a gentlemen and he grew up to be a most delightful if naughty one indeed, bringing much joy into peoples lives and creating memories for all as he weaved along the path set before him.
A great read, so much fun, you will laugh out loud... moments of searing honesty and a wonderful look into the back stories and the characters and friends who have populated his career and his private life, he is a very loyal man indeed, there is very little selfishness, no greed but a heartfelt desire to share his good fortune with family and friends right from the git go.
A great career saluted in style.

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