Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where we belong by Emily Giffin

This was a lovely, light read with serious issues underpinning it, that I finished before our plane touched down at LAX.
The story of high powered and very successful Marian Caldwell this book is very well written, going between past and present with a seamlessness that enhances the readers experience.
Marian has a big secret and one day that secret comes knocking on the door, turning lives upside down, causing a rethink on what really matters in life, do we really want what it appears we should have? or are there other pathways that better suit our hearts?
I found the characters to be real and believable, they were well drawn, each having their good points and their bad points and their stories as the author revealed them certainly would resonate with most readers, it was a book that showed how very easy it is to make life choices for others, how easy it is to assume what others might feel or wish for and how very easy it is to misjudge the hearts of others.
In some ways the story line may be called predictable but this does not in any way detract from the reading experience and should not put anyone off reading this book, there are times when the predictable best serves the readers needs. This book was an easy read but it was exactly what I needed, especially when I got on that plane and lit out for 11 hours across the skies, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it without hesitation.
This book is available in Trade Paperback and also from the Library System.

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