Thursday, March 7, 2013

Grace by T. Greenwood

This is the first of Greenwood's books I have read, I bought my copy in Denver last year and it certainly won`t be the last I read.
Grace is a simply stunning book, a book that will grip you and pull you in with ease.
The story of the Kennedy Family and in particular 15 year old Trevor, it is a wonderfully written book with twists and turns, a community of misfits and characters that jump out at you right from the get go and then take you with them on a journey that will leave you reeling. It takes very little time due to the author`s ability for you to develop strong feelings either way towards the characters, each who possesses something that makes them special either in a good way or a bad, by the end of the book they are with the exception of Grace fully developed.
While serious issues underpin this book, at no time does it become bogged down or gluggy, it moves at a nice pace and keeps the reader on their toes because it is simply unpredictable in a good way. The author keeps a firm hand on her plot lines and her characters and ensures that the reader is able to keep pace and not become lost or confused which often happens with multi character novels.
There is pain, hardship,loss, heartbreak, misfortune and pure evil in the bullying but this is handled with a deft hand as is teenage pregnancy and the issues that adoption brings to the table especially the emotional.
You will likely as shed a few tears, it is that kind of a read but you will also laugh and come away with a renewed awareness of human nature and the many follies that it by its very being bring come with it and how the impact on issues big and small. A terrific read.
All of T. Greenwood`s books are available through the Library System, they can also be special ordered.

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