Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Girls from Ames by Jeffrey Zaslow

Earlier this year I reviewed an earlier book of Jeffrey Zaslow`s, it was a terrific read and so is this one.
The story of a group of girls from Ames, Iowa and their 40 year friendship, it is a delight to read with plenty of old fashioned wisdom and plenty of laughs but like all of life's trajectories it isn`t all candy floss and as in his later books Zaslow does a wonderful job of bringing every facet of the story/stories to life.
Each of the girls individual stories is given a place and interlinked and interwoven into the other girls stories and it is all knitted together to show both the individuality's and the commonalities, so that there are no plastic characters and no one is shorted either.
A very truthful, honest and realistic telling of the lives of the Girls from Ames, this book was a delight. It is available via the Library System and by special order, you will love it! and it doesn`t matter where you live, you will recognise parts of your life.

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