Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lots of News Candy Floss.....

Hayley Westenra did in fact get married despite Daddy's vigorous denials, the pictures show that he was there, so go figure! The wedding itself looked as dull as ditch water, bland would be a good word and the bride looked underwhelming...I think New Zealand has moved on from Hayley as Star.
A much nicer wedding graces this weeks Woman's Day , that of the virtually unknown George Whitelock and Kayla Sharland, sport and farming is their game but what a gorgeous bride and divine wedding.
David Bain and Aaron Cruden got married this week, Bain did not sell his wedding, Cruden did, one wonders when enough money and free swag is enough and frankly when people simply become greedy! Apparently we will all get to share in Crudens wedding next week.
Simon Cowell pops the question....
Demi Moore has a new toy boy......
Prince Harry doesn't want to be a Royal anymore, he wants to join the rest of us and just be normal...
and while he ponders, Cousin Zara gets ready for baby and Cressy and Beatrice attend Princess Bootcamp, this is to ensure that standards are maintained!
Celebrate the Kiwi Body...our local gals tell why they are proud to bare all....gee I wonder why body issues exist?
Michael and Catherine mend their marriage while Jen and Justin have a try and make it work break..Jen is not looking happy at all.
Kim and Kayne shop for bargains in the sales....
Britney opens in Las Vegas and Miley attempts to steal the show....
Kelly Osborne's engagement bites the dust .
Drew Barrymore still doesn't talk to her mother...
The sometimes temperamental Kate Moss is planning a dynamite 40th blowout....hard to believe she is 40!
Martin Crowe is fighting fit and raring to go, wanting to share his hard life lessons and stop others making the same our first real celebrity sports star, he was a nightmare, our first train wreck..go well Marty!
Gwen Stefani pregnant..yes/no or maybe, looking amazing!
Nicole Ritchie a wee bit too thin, that's a yes!
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman's bliss, let's face it after Tom, any other man would be bliss!
Are Sean Penn and Charlize Theron rocking each other's boat? They share having active Social Consciences and both walk the walk.
Poor wee Kesha has gone into rehab.... eating issues I hear.
Ricky Martin is now flying solo...
Kate Wales turns 32 and William has a surprise for her, he isn't really sharing it with us no matter what the mags say...somethings are private!
Madonna's boy Rocco is photographed with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and the parenting experts erupt in couldn't just be one of those photos could it? Most of us have them!
The ghastly Gwyneth Paltrow holidays in Hawaii and contemplates another baby while the equally ghastly Anna Guy holidays in Westmere and contemplates her 5th child....we'll I guess the story brings in a few dollars....Celebrity anyone?
And while One Direction fans cry, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner walk off together in the same direction and The Big Bang Theory's Kelly Cuoco shows us how it's done in the most gorgeous puffy, pink Vera Wang dress and there is nobody as you know like Vera.
If you want a wedding laugh tune into Meet the Frockers on TV One at 8pm Wednesday, truly the good, the bad, the horrendous and the defies belief....Kevin Berkan alone makes it worth the viewing time!

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