Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Whole Golden World by Kristina Riggle

This wonderful book came highly recommended by an American Blogger and she was so right....this book delivers and on so many levels.
Set in the fictional Arbor Valley, the axis of the book is the disintegration of lives when evil creeps in and in this case it is a High School Teacher and his nearly 18 year old student who fall in love, well so she thinks, to tell you more would be to spoil it.
The story picks you up and sucks you in to its vortex like a twister might do. The plot line is more than believable, the characters and their back stories are developed step by step and unfold like the petals on a flower(sounds a bit mawkish but) and so does the story. It twists, it turns, it flows and it grows, never loosing pace and often snapping you out of your reading zone by planting a what if smack into the storyline or confronting you with an issue,whereby you simply have to stop and think and question what your own feelings would be, how would you react? do you agree or disagree with a characters thinking? what happens when moral divides get crossed? who is right and who is wrong? Yes it is a very thought provoking book but it is also very readable. The author has done a great job of the so much and no more theory in relationship to this storyline because it engages and holds you and wont let you go until the last line and then you will still be thinking about it, it is also a book that resonates with healing and reconciliation, it is never mawkish and never stereotypical either. The author takes a balanced look at the responsibility of parents and the judicial system and it is obvious that she has done her research.
A wonderful read, my copy was special ordered from the U.S. and cost me $28, it is available via the Library Service.

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