Sunday, May 15, 2011

Very late Summer Candy Floss...

Jonah Lomu got married...oh dear!
Kate and William are in the Seychelles.
J Williams ex partner tells what really happened....
Coro`s Sally has a life story that bares a horrid resemblance to her TV storyline.
Master Chefs Nadia has her next move planned...Jax is in love with a woman and the final is tonight!
Katie has a mystery bump but don`t get excited she`s had far too many to count of the years!
Pippa Middleton's secret life.
Posh`s Pink Baby Shower!
Nicky Watson has a new life...not alot of clothes on however.
Eight is enough for Rod Stewart!
Katy Perry jumps of the Sky Tower!
Paul McCartney gets ready to wed again...
Monaco's Charlene...Princess of Poise...Looks as sour as.
Meet Vince Vaughn's little girl Locklyn..Sarah Jessica Parker's twins Marion and Tabitha are really sweet,as are Marcia Cross`s Savannah and Eden and Jerry O`Connells Dolly and Charlie!
Whitney Houston and Matthew Perry go visit rehab!
Chaz Bono shares his story and offers advise to Brad and Angelina about Shiloh's Tomboy antics...weeping winnies!!
Sarah Ferguson blubbers to Oprah...she wasn`t invited to the if she was actually really expecting to be asked,needs a brain wash.
Next Magazine has Rachel Smalley on the cover
How to outsmart the flu, keep warm and look cool in winter, how to find love,
Madeline Sami`s favorite things!
Volunteering around New Zealand, we can all do a little to help.
Great Book Reviews and Sarah-Kate Lynch reviews The Paris Wife.
North and South Magazine has toddler Rochelle Crewe on its cover with the byline Who Fed Rochelle Crewe? A question that has never publicly been resolved but many feel they know who it was/wasn`t and many have an opinion on who the Killer was/wasn` we get further down the road and Rochelle herself wants answers one can`t hope but feel that eventually the real story may come out, a very well written article indeed.
Hospitals get tough on freeloaders and the private passions of Owen Glenn along with always great columns round out this issue.

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