Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dazzling Candy Floss....

The Queen`s granddaughter Zara Phillips got married over night and she looked terrific, simple but elegant.
All the magazines pay tribute to Amy Winehouse this week and do it well. Amazing to see her father Mitch outside her home late this week giving away bits and pieces to her fans, including clothing and trinkets, he said that's what she`d have wanted.
Australian Women`s Weekly is out, Peter Jackson and Fran Welsh are the cover story but they had no input as they are a little bit busy for interviews at the moment, a very good issue for those into cooking and crafts.
Is Michael Douglas dicing with death...
Kim crashes Kris` stag do..
Tatum O`Neal`s alarming new claims...
The Worlds happiest divorced couple...Andrew and Sarah! Sarah`s doco-series has a sobbing Beatrice and Eugenie..they are upset at the possibility of more poor press for their parents...with the York's it never stops.
Melissa McCarthy shows that being big, doesn`t mean you can`t be successful!(Bridesmaids)
Jennifer Lopez is single and happy...
The Hoff is in love..ain't it sweet!
Adam Rickitt dreams of kids..yeah right!
Scott Dixon`s baby joy!
At home with Hannah Tamaki...weeping winnies, what a sight!
Legends of the ball..the netball that is.
Lucy Lawless looks absolutely flawless in a WW pic,just Divine!
Kat and Jesse go splitsville...
Reese and Jim honeymoon in Paris!
Leighton Meester battles her Mum over brain surgery and botox....
Denise Richards has a Baby Shower for Eloise, so cute.
The Guide to this years Fashion Week is out,beautifully put together,well layed out, just the odd mistake or two!
There has been a lot of talk this week on the blogs about last weeks Woman`s Day Cover, none of it nice, and for my two pence it was one of the worst covers they have ever had with a  story that had most reaching for a bucket!Find a job girls, like the rest of us!Time to grow up your not 18....

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