Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daylight Saving Candy Floss...

Yes the clocks have changed, the weather is grey, misty and cold but what the heck... The Warriors are in the NRL Grand Final!!
Metro is out...
The Best of Food,Fashion,Beauty,Shops and Urban Life in Auckland.
Where to live in Auckland.
Dan.Piri,Brad and the guys...
How popular is Steven Joyce??
Inside Zara`s shock visit to New Zealand! Apparently the lady has laid down some new rules for hubby...lets see how this story plays it real or is it a set up maybe?
Miriama Kamo`s dramatic 2 day labour...cute baby!
A night of magic at the Emmys!
January Jones has a baby boy..Xander, no sign of Daddy while Benicio Del Toro has made it official that he is Delilah Stewart's Daddy.
Stars in Crisis...ruined by fame! what a,clothes,privilege,perks,houses,cars,luxury holidays, it must be a nightmare!!
Jen demands an apology from Brad while Justin threatens him with something...probably a shoulder tap!
Inside Sonny Bill Williams private life...that will be a thrill!
Chaz Bono hits Dancing with the Stars and gets a standing ovation...way to go!
The bizarre life of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg...and he could care less.
Met Mel B`s new baby girl.
Kirstie Alley loses 45kg and wants a boyfriend.
Shane and Nerida have son no 2, Jett, who arrived in a big hurry!
J.Lo and the kids turn up at Marc's pool party...
Its going to be a very low key wedding for Paul McCartney...same place he married his first wife Linda
Casey Green continues her very funny WAGS column...
Bernice Mene feels that pinch of sadness, as her first child starts school.
Cute little Harper Beckham goes on another outing, as does a covered up Bing Bellamy.

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