Monday, September 19, 2011

The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid by Catherine Robertson

Written by first time Novelist Catherine Robertson, this was a well written, well paced novel which centres on the life of Romance Writer Darrell Kincaid whose happy endingdoesn'tt quite eventuate.
Darrell decides that her only real option is to tackle life and its challenges head on and away she goes, seeking new adventures and hopefully new love. An easy read and very well suited for that summer/beach book that you can pop into your bag, it is a little bit more than the average Chick Lit novel and would appeal to a far wider age range of readers than that genre usually appeals to. The characters are well drawn and the storyline has obviously been well plotted and thought out, it would make an excellent gift for anyone who likes to read especially with Christmas racing up, equally if someone you know is having a birthday and you are stumped, this would solve your problem, throw in some chocolates and Viola!
I am sure we will hear more from Catherine Robertson.
Thank You to Random House for this book.

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