Monday, September 19, 2011

The Irish beat the Aussies Candy Floss...

What an amazing game, what parties, what hangovers!
Zara Phillips is on her way here...she says the lady in the pictures with her brand new hubby is an old family friend...the British Media say not so, watch this space!
Zac Guilfords Mum tells how proud his late Dad would be.
Suri prances around in high heels wearing bright lipstick..
6 page Womens Weekly special...Marriage, interesting to say the least!
Stella McCartney turns 40 and Daddy is getting married again!
Baby Harper wears Prada!
Jackie Kennedys secret tapes are released, I don't think even I could listen to all 8 hours, the voice would do my head in.
Brad and Ange's biggest fight...the truth about Brad's marriage to Jen, story is Brad considered the marriage to be pathetic.
Reese Witherspoon is looking black and blue, she was hit by a Granny while out running.
Guy Sebastian is going to be a Dad.
Parents tell...Our Children are Famous!
Sonny Bill Williams has a new girlfriend... how exciting is that!
Does Mrs Cruise have a baby bump?
Melanie Jackson is 34 and has 9 children...yes 9!
Peaches Geldof is not having an easy time of it...too much like Mummy for her own good.
Kris Humphries is sick of having a camera stuck in his face...hello..he married a Kardashian, what did he expect?
Best and Wost dressed of 2011 is Who Weekly`s glossy over and as always they do a great job with this weeks Bumper Special Issue.
We farewell Spartacus Star Andy Whitfield and Kara Kennedy Allen, daughter of the late Ted Kennedy and his first wife Joan, both will be especially missed by their children.

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