Monday, September 19, 2011

Vanity Fair Magazine October 2011

Angelina Jolie is the cover girl, saysshe'ss never felt so exposed! Surprise! Surprise!
Did Conrad Black have a good or bad prison experience?
Malibus coolest bachelor pad is to die for!
The trains in China unlike those in Auckland are not fact they are Super Trains!
Ernest Hemingway's`s lost love letters are revealed...a way with words was his main selling point, although Hunting and Fishing were biggies with this guy!
How to ensure that a book becomes the Bestseller you design it to be...The Art of Fielding.
Rupert Murdochs Empire is a little tottery at the moment...
The New Establishment and its many stars!
Wynton Marsalis answers the Proust Questionnaire.
Christopher Hitchens speaks of the Tragedy that is Joan Didion`s next book, due out in November, it will be unspeakably sad but as per usual it will also be wonderful.
Glee's Jane Lynch answers George Wayne`s questions!
Garance Dore and Scott Schuman share their Stuff,
Hot reels, fanfair, hot type and the usual gorgeous social pages!

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