Tuesday, November 8, 2011

72 days...Mistake or Sham Candy Floss!

Way to go Kim...72 days and bang it`s all over!! There will be nothing left out as the story starts to crack open and The House of Kardashian topples over!! Kris still loves his wife... wow he must be a deluded wee thing.
Last weeks New Idea and Woman`s Day were way late due to the gas pipe and at least one of them had to be printed in Masterton...yes Masterton!
The Woman`s day had a sweet, lovely interview with the vapid Sally Ridge, who it transpires feels we don`t understand her and we may be a little jealous... Look here Sister, it is perfectly alright to go out occasionally with your 20 plus daughter for a drink and some clubbing, it is not the role of any right minded mother to do this with a 16, 17 or 18 year old and allowing sleepovers with a boyfriend is not cool either... no wonder this girl is estranged from Daddy, he doesn`t approve ... the crafts column is back.
Stephen Donald opens his heart...dear god!
Justin Bieber may be a Daddy?? Hugh Grant it transpires is and its a girl! It was a fling but Hugh is delighted with the result!
Kimberley Stewart introduces Delilah.. cute as.
Brad and Ange's Sex Tape Nightmare!
Kate proves very popular with the Danes and with Princess Mary, who would make a great friend.
Melbourne has its glamorous Spring Racing Carnival.
Elizabetta Canalis tells how George Clooney was like a Father to her...rather strange.
Kate Moss and her daughter Lila have a great holiday.
Kendra Wilkinson`s Fairy Tale Life...
Steven Tyler sports a rather battered face to say the least.
Bruce Willis is going to be a daddy again...no surprise with a young wife!
My Big Pink Warrior Wedding... it was her dream come true but yikes it was colourful!
Love saved Aaron Cruden.
Simon Dallow has a mystery family?
Petra Bagust shares her Beauty Secrets...
Hollywood does Halloween and in Melbourne Liz, Shane and kids go trick or treating!
Jason Reeves gets married, he`s such a sweetie, may they be very happy indeed.
The French President has a brand new daughter...Giulia but you can`t see her, she`s well covered up.
The Pike River 29 are remembered.

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