Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher

A very funny lady indeed is Carrie Fisher, the daughter of Hollywood Royalty...Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, her most famous stepmother was Elizabeth Taylor and her most famous roll as an actress was Princess Leia in the original Star Wars.
Fisher has had a great deal of experience with Drug Addiction and Mental Illness and she spares know expense in sharing her many and varied issues and experiences in her fabulous books.She is a very honest lady and a very talented one too.
This book started a little slowly for me but once it picked up pace it took of. Electro-Convulsive  Shock Treatment of which she has a great fondness for, Michael Jackson, Teddy Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor, healing and reconciliation with the man she calls Edwin Puff Daddy Fisher, her daddy who spent most of her life absent from her until she got rich and famous, step dad Harry Karl who took all her Mother`s money but according to Carrie could have done worse, weight loss aided by Jenny Craig and her famous parents some what Hollywood contrived marriage...wrapped up with the most amazing array of pictures and captions that are worth the price of this book alone. Her free style people descriptor rocket is unparalled, it packs such a generous punch that those who are touched by her pen come alive in entirely new ways, with Carrie you can throw out all the old aspersions...imagine Elizabeth Taylor pushing you into her swimming pool or Debbie swearing like a trooper the older she gets.
As Carrie says Sanity has come at a heavy price for her but the wisdom and honesty she shows in her writing make it a price the reader is glad the writer has paid, although one wouldn`t wish some of her experiences on their worst enemy and there are people out there who wish she would actually shut up and lose what remains of her shakey memory. All Carrie Fisher`s books are worth reading, if you haven`t read one you should.

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