Monday, December 5, 2011

Sins of the Father by Eamonn Duff

The story of Schapelle Corby, tried, convicted and incarcerated in a Bali Jail has long fascinate mainly because those surrounding her have been vigilant and vocal in using the media to proclaim her innocence and her jail house suffering both which may be true. Found with Marijuana in her boogie bag in  October 2004 while passing through customs on the way to a sun filled holiday Schapelle has never left Bali.
Duff has done a very good job of writing this book, he has obviously spent a huge amount of time researching, following leads, tracking down those who would wish to be left alone and writing a very readable book indeed.The vividness of his characters brings them to life on the page and good, bad or indifferent, you won`t have any problem in forming your own opinion about them, their possible agendas, motives and reasons for co-operating with Duff all give you pause for thought. Most people in Australia and New Zealand do have a view on this case and it has been debated endlessly, Schapelle has her own book out there but in cases like this it is often hard to sort the chaff from the wheat when self interest and preservation is likely to be a writers guiding principle in the case of Corby`s own book.
There is know doubt whatsoever that Duff believes Corby was a drug runner who for what ever reason got caught that fateful day, a mule for others, either willingly or unwittingly doing what others needed her to do.Duff believes her late father Mick was behind the run and paints a history of a man with many unanswered questions and a family whose stories don`t always add up. The book has caused huge controversy and many Corby supporters don`t like the book or Duff at all, that is their right but it is also Duff`s right to write the book, make his assertions and face the music. This case needed a good book written about it and Duff has done the job, while maintaining his intractable viewpoint he has been fair and even handed to all as much as is possible and like most of us he agrees that Corby has well and truly served her sentence and should have been freed long ago.

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