Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piri versus Dan...Cover Wars Candy Floss!

Who looks prettier...Dan and Honor or Piri and his daughters?
These things are all in the eye of the beholder...but the wedding didn`t do it for me, I`ve seen far better including Jerome Kaino`s beach wedding. Dan and Honors wedding had all the swank and swell but the whole look just didn`t jell, her dress was lovely and the earrings to die for but her hair looked like a cat had sat on it and the attendants dress were yuk, the whole thing was made worse by the purile gushing of the magazine`s editor, this was a paid for story not a give away Sido and what ever goodwill the public feels towards this couple is not enhanced by trying to give the appearance that the magazine had the story soley because Honor and Dan knew the public cared but the magazine got what it paid for and it was racing of shelves this morning.
The cover of Piri Weepu and his daughters is rather gorgeous and it all jells beautifully except I can`t figure out weather Piri and his partner plus the princesses all live together or do the all live with Piri`s mum and dad?? either way lovely article, lovely pictures.
Jen is going to get a proposal on New Years Eve and we all know about it first....
Courtney Cox plans adoption to give Coco a sibling....
Khloe Kardashian is desperate for a baby, apparently Lamar is having difficulty shooting a home goal...
Kate`s Extreme Makeover....
Dominic Bowden asks Simon Cowell to spill all his if.
Ashton Kutcher peer down Lea Michelle`s dress in a rather brazen display of gauche behaviour!
Elton takes Zachary out on a boat trip...gorgeous little man with an Elton frown!
Harry and Chelsey are sooo happy to see each other!
Ange and Brads mum make nice with each other.
Paula Penfold(Mike McRoberts) wife shares her toughest time with us....
Susan Crouch who actually has had probably the toughest time of all, after the Panmure RSA killings shares her story, this lady is an example of courage, bravery and dignity.
Delilah, Kimberly and Jack go out for coffee and a catch up.
Rachel Hunter trawls L.A. looking for bargains and in her cardy too!!
Kirstie Alleys face puts a whole new spin on looking droopy and the same time!
Shane Warne and David Beckham get together and swap shirts and maybe grooming tips? Warnie sadly will never look as good as David!
Michael Jackson`s children share life after would have to be better.
Lindsay Lohan has had plastic surgery?? and her Playboy Photo Shoot has been leaked..what a week for Linds!
Daniel Craig has taken some glorious pot shots at the Kardashians and Kris Jenner wants an apology... this is what happens when you sell your toilet habits to the media Kris and Mr Craig is a real actor...Kris Humphries wants an annulment, which would void both the marriage and the prenup....
For some unfathomable reason Boy George is sharing his life in pictures... did we not see enough 20 years ago?
Guiliana Ranci prepares for serious cancer surgery, everyones thoughts will be with her.xx
North and South is out and revisits the Kirsty Bentley murder... will justice ever be done for this young lady? The answers have to be out there, someone has to know....interesting that Jill Bentley still doesn`t feels her ex husband has not told the whole truth of where he was that afternoon..K
Key stories from 2011 are updated.
North and Souths New Zealanders of the Year.
What motivates those 5 finger discounts that cost New Zealand $2 million a week, is it hard times or simply a buzz??

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