Sunday, March 25, 2012

Posh Candy Floss...

Dear me, apparently poor Posh is living a private hell... No more babies David, she says!
Millie Elder is back and holding down a steady job and making a new life for herself.. not as easy as it might seem but good luck to her!
As well as Millie`s story the new Metro which is gorgeously pink covered has Steve Braunias on Len Brown, David Bain and The Great South Road, a mind boggling combo but lets see..
What does billionaire Alan Gibbs want??
Tantric Sex comes to Auckland... hours and hours and hours.
Food, Fashion, Books,Politics...this issue of Metro has it all!
Kate and William are back together!
Simon Gault`s second passion is flying or it might be third after his wife and cooking!
Gretchen Hawkesby opens her home...
Margaret Thatcher goes for a walk in the park...
Willow Smith is not living the life of a child and strangely Education isn`t a priority!
Lily Collins has a big birthday bash.
Dummy Boy who? Jamie`s back with her ex!
Is J.Lo about to remarry?
Kourtney gives Scott his marching orders... weird as, this one!
Adam Rickitt`s bittersweet Kiwi Love Affair...dear lord!
Jessica Simpson gets bigger by the day but she has a great sense of humour about it! plus she had a divine Baby Shower.
Are Angelina, Melanie and Rachel Zoe wasting away?? some spooky pictures and their not alone!
Kony 2012s meltdown..rather strange.
George Clooney and his Dad Nick got arrested, jailed and released and all done with commitment and panache.
Joel Madden says...My marriage is fine, leave us alone!
Tori Spelling is expecting Number 4!
Sandra Bullock and Heidi Klum hit the town!
Nicolette Sheridan`s court case over her termination from Desperate Housewives didn`t quite go the way she`d hoped!
Kim Kardashian gets flour bombed on the red carpet and doesn`t seem to click that people don`t exactly like her!
Oprah`s weight hell.. not again. Her OWN channel is not doing well either, Rosie O`Donnell went last week plus 30 staffers...tough times.
Elle MacPherson and Michael Bolton enjoy a nice dinner with her son Cy... takes her mind of Uma`s pregnancy!
The Coroner releases his findings into the death of Whitney Houston...drowned with a number of drugs in her system, her family issued a most dignified statement, no attempt at denial here.

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