Sunday, May 6, 2012

How I`m Spending my millions Candy Floss....

Sadly it`s not me spending the millions but Trevor the Lotto Winner and his $26 million, nice, nice guy, lets hope he doesn`t met these sorts of ladies who`ve just wound up their last season!
Will begs Kate to make him a daddy...something wrong with the picture here!
Breakers stars girlfriend gets hate mail... she should be so lucky!
Jessica Simpson`s daughter Maxwell Drew has arrived and at nearly 10lbs she wasn`t small, I seem to remember her first husband had a brother named Drew...
Bob Geldof thinks Peaches baby boy`s name is frightful! Talk about the pot calling the kettle...
Bear Grylls and the Queen make a delightful couple and her coat and hat are devine!
Kloe and Lamar fight for their marriage..
Lindsay Lohan parties again....
Zee leaves Masterchef.
Rhianna and LeAnn gain weight...that was real quick!
Beatrice finds a job!
Bill and Guiliana`s miracle baby...way too go guys!
Jen is giving up her baby dream for Justin...say what?
Adam Parore`s new financee, 20 years younger than him... conversations must be interesting!
Gag`s romance crashes to a halt!
Ange has the Bridzilla Blues... what fun!
Sonia Gray gets married.....
Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and a private plane....Adios Vanessa.
Nick and Mariah want they Honeymoon to go on for ever... don`t we all!
Posh and Becks have a night out at the basketball and pash in public... very cute!
Sally Ridge confronts her critics... I am a Great Mother..yeah whatever! Proofs not in the pudding yet and its an exclusive story so one can guess how it rolls....all the way to our T.V. sets one imagines!
Jessica Biel is at full steam ahead with her wedding plans..
Isabella Cruise talks about her mum...
Ange is furious that Brad wrote love letters to another woman... they were written in the 80`s.

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