Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Good Man...Rediscovering my Father by Mark K. Shriver

A warm and loving tribute to a man who did much to better the world he lived in, Mark Shriver has written a testimony to the goodness that can and does exist in those rare men/women who are able to see the bigger picture, love unconditionally and put others before themselves.
Sargent Shriver, known as Sarge married Eunice Kennedy and entered a life for which his skills, talents and giftings made him well prepared. He wasn`t always treated as he should have been by his in laws but he was by far a bigger man than John, Bobby and Teddy put together especially when it came to moral turpitude, he was never dull, never boring, in fact he was quite the opposite..charm personified. He valued his Faith, his Wife and his Family and nothing came before them.
He rose above disappointments and turned them and what he had learned from them to the advantage of others... The Peace Corps and The Special Olympics would never have been able to flourish without the efforts of and the support that Sarge and Eunice gave to each other, along with serving as Ambassador to France, fighting for Civil Rights and helping to actively demolish segregation, helping to fight Lyndon Johnson`s War on Poverty, the list is endless and in this wonderfully written book his son shows us what he learnt from his father and mother and how those lessons have impacted on him and his siblings lives.
Lots of great family photos enhance this book and it is available through the Library System

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