Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Real Girl Next Door by Denise Richards

Light and breezy, well written and easy to read with numerous dark turns this is Denise`s story from a delightful childhood to modelling, acting and marrying Charlie Sheen.
Denise`s life certainly didn`t take the path she imagined into happy ever after, Charlie turned out not to be a Prince after all and took Denise on an unimaginable ride through drink, drugs and prostitutes galore, the good side if there was one was that she was living in reasonable style and her hard work had given her some financial security and she had a good head on her shoulders. Denise`s life obviously then has not been a bed of roses, the early death of her mother was a dreadful blow and she has had big messes to clean up, while raising her 2 daughters by Charlie and now her newly adopted daughter.
This was a good read better than I in fact expected and very humorous in parts, I came away with great deal of respect for Denise and the way she has handled the good, the bad and the Charlie in her life! Well done, worth a read.

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